Thursday, September 29, 2005

Iron Bars And Names In Fire

Miss me?

I bet you didn't.

Well, guess I have to explain where I've been.

If you recall my last post, I decided to talk a walk in the rain at night. Well, two guys with a fetish for skimasks and broken beer bottles, decided to do the same.

So, about now you've automatically assumed that I was mugged and put in the hospital.

I was arrested for mugging two guys in ski masks and spent two months in lockup for aggravated assault.

I was released a day and a half ago. Nobody could prove how the one guy's jaw was shattered, and the other had severe internal bleeding, but had no scrapes, or bruises to show that anything even happened; those belonged to me.

But, that's really not the eventful part. Making new aquaintences was the best part.

My celly's name was Albert Faria. A priest that wasn't jailed for what you are thinking he would be jailed for, he wasn't a real priest. He was in for grand larceny. A very smart and successful con man.

He figured that the quickest way to make money, was religion. I've never seen the guy, for a couple of reasons: one, I don't do church, second, he got himself a gig at a church in the upper class region of Pinnacle City. I live out in the slums, the ghetto, by choice and not submission.

Anyways, Albert scammed the rich out of tens of thousands of dollars. Couldn't find a better place to find sinners that would rather buy their way to salvation, than to earn it.

He showed me something I didn't realize. I have special "talents" that can be used to my own benefit, I'll get to that in my next post, I think it's time I tell you people a little about myself.

Realized that the people that I loathe; the rich, the superficial, the powerful, the supers, could all be "dealt" with to my own gain. He also helped me, through a long session of questioning, exactly WHO is at the top of my list.

Not sure when he'll get out, or IF he'll get out. But I owe him a lot. I no longer have to sit through sitcoms and evening news for entertainment.

I will be the entertainment.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

3-Ring Circus Side Show Of Freaks

So, I'm watching T.V. a couple days ago. Here comes the breaking news. Some "thing" that I can't even begin to describe, was wreaking havoc on some big lab facility in Baltimore (yeah, I know, I never thought anything happened in Baltimore, either). I was hoping for some nice mass destruction to send all the apes in to mass hysteria, but THEY ruined it, like always.

And by THEY, I mean "supers", as the media has dubbed them.

And before you click the little "X" and bail out on me, these aren't creations of Stan Lee, Alan Moore or some other comics guy. These are the real deal. They just had to ruin, what may have been an actual ounce of joy I may have had in my life, by not letting this thing cause some destruction.

There's this one "super", seems to be still a little green, that seemed to be instrumental in getting rid of this thing. I can somewhat recall seeing him on the news or in the papers some time before. Still, he bugs me. Not sure why, but he does.

Ah well, it's raining out. Good time to put on the favorite hooded sweatshirt and take a walk in the dark. Always nice when people can't find a reason to stare.

Friday, July 22, 2005

The Nerve of Some People

The human race just infuriates me to no end.

There I was, last night, watching a documentary about Egypt or something, and that trash beast of a woman upstairs decides to do some late night work. She's a dominatrix. I sneak out on my balcony (just my luck it's the typical iron fire escape type balconies that you see in new york sitcoms) and made the stupid decision to look up. Oh joy of joys, I'm greeted by the sight of an old man, looks about 50, corporate CEO pig type, wearing a leather body suit of some sort. Apparently, he feels so bad about treating his employees like slaves, that he has to have the whore that lives above me spank him 15 stories above this dreadful city. He likes pain. He doesn't even know the meaning of pain.

I went back to watching TV.

There was one odd thing that happened though, on my way back to my chair, the hairs on my arm stood up, and I heard a slight WHOOSH! sound outside. I just let it go, my glorious life of nothing was beckoning me.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oh Happy Day

I now have a blog. Yay for me.

Not quite sure why I'm doing this. Probably because I'm confined to the house, which is fine, being I don't have to be witness to the filth of humanity. Yet, that's who's reading this.

Ah well, guess I'll get back to this later. Go find something halfway "fun" to do. Like running a cheese grater up the back of my leg or something.